All - Elementary

Fast Facts - Elementary

produce sign

Discover facts, trivia, and state symbols from all over our unique state.

Federal Government - Elementary

sc senators

The United States federal government works to create, enforce, and apply laws for the entire country, including South Carolina.

First South Carolinians - Elementary

Cooking Fish

Meet the Native Americans who first called South Carolina home.

Food Culture - Elementary

sc foods

There are lots of foods, ingredients, and cooking styles that have been popular in South Carolina.

SC Food Symbols

These foods have become official symbols for the State of South Carolina.

Great Depression and World War II - Elementary


South Carolinians during the Great Depression faced significant hardships, only relieved with the economic relief of World War II.

Gullah Culture - Elementary

Two Lips

Learn about the rich Gullah culture that continues in Charleston and the Lowcountry.

Historical Beginnings - Elementary

George Monck, Duke of Albemarle

South Carolina had a system of government as a British colony that evolved into a state government after the American Revolution.

Human and Environment Interaction - Elementary

Campbell's Covered Bridge

Find out about transportation, environmental issues, and other ways South Carolinians and the environment interact.

Industrialization - Elementary

employees in the Clinton Mills

Industry came to South Carolina as entire families worked in the textile mills and factories in the Upstate.

Land Use - Elementary

Peanut plant

Learn how the people of South Carolina use the land to grow crops, mine minerals, and fish in the rivers.