All - High School

Literature - High School

Mary Boykin Chestnut

Read poetry, folklore, and ghost stories from South Carolina.

Mary Boykin Chesnut

Meet the SC author who wrote a famous diary vividly describing the Civil War. Also visit the two of the places she lived while writing.

Local Government - High School

Newberry Fire Department

Each county, city, and town in South Carolina have their own government and responsibilities.

Maps - High School

Tapestry of Time and Terrain

Explore physical, political, historical, and thematic maps of South Carolina.

Physical Maps

Take a look at these maps that show physical features of South Carolina, such as mountains, rivers, elevation, and more.

Modern Era - High School

President Truman

Explore our state's participation in modern wars, increased infrastructure, and economic development in the "New South."

Music - High School

Graniteville Military Band,  1905.

South Carolina is home to a wide variety of musical styles and traditions.

Types of Music

South Carolina is home to many different music styles, from jazz to gospel to our distinctive beach music sounds.

Native American Culture - High School

Jar with Heads

Learn about Native American culture both before European contact and today.

Visual Arts

Native American artists in South Carolina make pottery, weaving, and other arts.

Natural Disasters - High School

From earthquakes to hurricanes and droughts, South Carolina faces many different kinds of natural disasters.

SC Atlas of Environmental Risks & Hazards

Hazards Atlas

Physical Features - High School

Wando River

Discover the mountains, lakes & rivers, geology, and climate of South Carolina.

Reconstruction - High School

office for freedmen

Meet black legislators, sharecroppers, and white farm owners who rebuilt the South after the Civil War.

Regions: Blue Ridge - High School

Blue Ridge

Explore the 5 regions of South Carolina and find out what makes each of them unique.