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A Mathematical Model of Native American Population Distribution

Students will be able to interpret census data to statistically describe population trends.

A Mathematical Model of the Blue Ridge Landscape

Students will be able to construct an algebraic profile of slope from a topographic map.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This activity is designed to accompany Black Americans in Congress, 1870–2007. Students have the opportunity to analyze historical photographs associated with Black Americans who served in Congress and with the history of civil rights in the United States. Students are encouraged to think more about the role historical photographs can play in the study of past events and people.

A Pirate’s Life

Students will be able to explain customs and codes of conduct on board a pirate ship.

A Pirate’s Life for Me

Students will be able to communicate what life on a pirate ship was probably like.

A Quick Survey of South Carolina Pirates

Students will be able to name some famous local pirates and summarize their exploits in and around South Carolina.

A Rotten Idea

Action for a cleaner tomorrow: A South Carolina Environmental Curriculum Supplement is an activity-based interdisciplinary curriculum supplement that can serve as a starting place for introducing basic environmental education in the classroom. In this lesson, students will examine how some waste can be recycled by composting.

A Treasure Hunt

Students will be able to communicate map directions through written instructions.

Achievements in Aviation

Students will:

• Define obstacles, achievements, and aviation

• Research accomplishments of African American aviators

• Research the Tuskegee Airmen for examples of achievement and their experiences with discrimination

• Create a chart of accomplishments based on historical fact

• Relate what they have learned from inquiry and research to their own experiences. 

Action in the Classroom: An Introduction to Environmental Science for High School Students

As part of the “Action in the classroom” program, this edition provides hands-on lessons, lesson resources (fact sheets for teachers that present more detailed background on issues), student activities and worksheets. Included in this edition are lessons on composting, recycling and air quality as well as fact sheets on alternative fuels, how landfills work and hazardous waste.