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Beatrice Taylor McKnight

The student will write an acrostic poem about Beatrice Taylor McKnight and all of her accomplishments to overcome the conditions of her daily life.

Before, During, and After the Holocaust

Students will be pre-assessed of their knowledge on World War II. The teacher will explain genocide, and students will construct a research paper based on a specific genocide using the information they find on their own in the computer lab and library. Then the teacher will explain the Holocaust Genocide. There will be supplementary resources such as audio conversations, video documentary, and a collection of poetry.

Beneath these Waters

Charleston Harbor was a major target of the Union blockade. The Southerners tried to slip through the blockade squadrons by using ships known as blockade-runners. Students will locate the wreck sites of both Union and Confederate vessels that came to rest in the Charleston Harbor during the Civil War.

Benjamin Mazyck, The Mystery Man of Goose Creek

Developed with the assistance of the teachers at Westview Elementary School in Goose Creek, South Carolina, this package provides detailed curricula materials looking at the religious persecution of the Huguenots, the cultivation and marketing of Carolina Gold rice, slavery in the eighteenth century, and the life on an eighteenth century rice plantation.

Benthic Retrieval R.O.V

Focus Questions: How are the ocean depths explored? Objectives: Students will: 1. Design and create a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that will be able to accomplish specified tasks.

Berry Ink

People wrote lots of letters during the 1800s, but those letters would sometimes take very long time to arrive at their destinations. If the letters were intended for someone overseas, in perhaps a place like England or France, they might take months to arrive! Letters were also very time-consuming to create. People would need quills, ink, wax, signets, and paper. They would usually make these items, unlike today when we can purchase everything we need to write a letter in one store. This activity allows students to make their own berry ink to use with homemade or store bought quill or calligraphy pens.

Bertie Herbert Bowman

This activity allows students to look at Bowman’s book Step by Step, and to understand the Jim Crow Laws. 

Bertie Herbert Bowman

The students will calculate the route Bowman took from Summerton, South Carolina to Washington, D.C. more than 60 years ago and compare and contrast it to the current day route from Summerton, South Carolina to Washington, D.C.

Bertie Herbert Bowman

The students will be able to explain the contributions of individuals from South Carolina and how they influenced the history of United States. The students will be able to explain how personal actions are constrained by larger social or historical conditions.

Bertie Herbert Bowman

Discuss the students’ interpretation of the American dream. Analyze how Bertie Herbert Bowman achieved his American dream by overcoming obstacles of the Jim Crow era.