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Civil War Letter Writing Activity

This activity is designed for classroom use after a visit to the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum. The activity requires an envelope pattern—contact Joe Long to obtain this item. In the five letter examples included, the punctuation has been left as it appears in the letters. This exercise will enhance students’ understanding of communications in the 1860s.

Classifying Litter

In this lesson, students do research to learn how the litter problem impacts South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia and how these states are attempting to address the problem. Students then use what they have learned to compose letters to our state’s leaders in which they give their ideas about how we can address the litter problem.  

Classroom Archaeological Survey

In this lesson students will simulate an archaeological survey to recognize and use basic archaeological procedures. Students will determine how sites and artifacts relate information about human behavior. They will also analyze survey data and make inferences about human behavior and compare their research to the study of archaeology.

Climate Change & Sea-Level Rise

Students will recognize the role that climate change is expected to play in future global sea-level rise. Environmental factors (melting ice, thermal expansion, etc.) associated with sea-level rise will be compared in terms of relative impact. Economic and ecological impacts of sea-level rise on the South Carolina coast will be highlighted.

Climate Impact on Hurricanes

Students will identify and analyze the impact of physical factors [especially temperature, wind, geographic latitude, and atmospheric moisture] that affect the development and severity of hurricanes. Students will also discuss the predicted effect of global climate change on those factors and how that might increase hurricane frequency and intensity.

Coastal Flap Book

The students will:  Identify coastal plants and animals ? Identify basic habitat needs (food, water, shelter, and space) of these animals and plants.

Coastal Plain Fossils and Mineral Resources

Students will be able to use fossil and mineral resource data to interpret geologic history.

Coastal Survivor Game

The students will:  Role play an organism within a coastal habitat. React to various scenarios affecting the organism

Colonial Arts and Crafts

Students will be able to discuss the importance of arts and crafts in defining culture.

Commonly Found Marine Mollusks of the Southeastern United States

Web resource on marine mollusks of the Southeastern United States with activities for classification, adaptations, identifying mollusks, and research.