Food Culture

BBQ map

South Carolina Barbecue Map. Image from South Carolina: The Making of a Landscape by Charles F. Kovacik and John J. Winberry.

There are lots of foods, ingredients, and cooking styles that have been popular in South Carolina.

Overview of SC & Southern Foods

Come learn about the traditional cuisines and foods of the American South, especially here in South Carolina.

South Carolina Food Heritage

  • Cherokee Foodways in SC
    What did the Cherokee Indians eat here in South Carolina before the Europeans arrived?
  • Rice History
    Rice has been grown in South Carolina since 1685 and was once a major industry.
  • Soul Food
    Soul food is African-American cooking that originated in the rural South, often including collard greens, chitterlings, grits, and other local foods.

Specific Foods

Have you tried any of these South Carolina food specialties?

Barbecue Map

This map of South Carolina barbecue regions has been hotly contested since it was published in 1989 in a book on South Carolina geography. What kinds of barbecue do you and your neighbors enjoy?