All - Middle School

Fast Facts - Middle School

produce sign

Discover facts, trivia, and state symbols from all over our unique state.

Federal Government - Middle School

Supreme Court Building

The United States federal government works to create, enforce, and apply laws for the entire country, including South Carolina.

First South Carolinians - Middle School

Native Americans Making Canoes

Meet the Native Americans who first called South Carolina home.

Food Culture - Middle School

BBQ map

There are lots of foods, ingredients, and cooking styles that have been popular in South Carolina.

Overview of SC & Southern Foods

Come learn about the traditional cuisines and foods of the American South, especially here in South Carolina.

Great Depression and World War II - Middle School


South Carolinians during the Great Depression faced significant hardships, only relieved with the economic relief of World War II.

Gullah Culture - Middle School

Two Lips

Learn about the rich Gullah culture that continues in Charleston and the Lowcountry.

Historical Beginnings - Middle School

Charles Pinckney

South Carolina had a system of government as a British colony that evolved into a state government after the American Revolution.

Human and Environment Interaction - Middle School

South Carolina Railway Station

Find out about transportation, environmental issues, and other ways South Carolinians and the environment interact.

Industrialization - Middle School


Industry came to South Carolina as entire families worked in the textile mills and factories in the Upstate.

Land Use - Middle School

mural by Sheffield Kagy

Learn how the people of South Carolina use the land to grow crops, mine minerals, and fish in the rivers.