Blues Musicians from South Carolina


It is time now for a Sneak Peek at the newest section of StudySC, South Carolina People. Over 150 people who were born, lived, worked, and influenced South Carolina are featured. You will be able to find photographs, biographies, and DISCUS articles on artists, business leaders, political leaders, civil rights activists, and other famous South Carolinians. 

One group of people I have enjoyed learning about are Blues musicians have become icons in the Southern music world.  Click on the links below to learn about these singers, songwriters, and musicians that have become known as  part of the East Coast Piedmont Blues, a style of music that “blended both black and white, rural and urban song elements in the diverse urban centers of the Southeast and mid-Atlantic region.”

Pink Anderson (1900-1974)
Born in Laurens, SC, Pink Anderson was a blues singer and guitarist who inspired the "Pink" in the name of the English rock band Pink Floyd.

Reverend Gary Davis (1896-1972)
Born in Clinton, SC, Gary Davis was a blind blues and gospel songwriter and innovative guitarist.

Josh White (1914-1969)
Born in Greenville, SC, Josh White was a singer, musician, and civil right activist. 


Image courtesy of the Estate of Josh White (Sr.) and the Josh White Archives.