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Blues Musicians from South Carolina


It is time now for a Sneak Peek at the newest section of StudySC, South Carolina People. Over 150 people who were born, lived, worked, and influenced South Carolina are featured. You will be able to find photographs, biographies, and DISCUS articles on artists, business leaders, political leaders, civil rights activists, and other famous South Carolinians. 

South Carolina Glossary


Ever wondered what an atlatl was?  How about a scalawag? Now you can look up South Carolina-related words in StudySC's brand new glossary!   Students can find definitions for terms and concepts like the Upcountry, soybean, or boycott.  Also, every page has a picture for one of the definitions.  All definitions are in the creative commons or public domain and available for reuse in projects or assignments.  Have a term that isn't in our glossary yet?