(noun) - a manmade waterway that connects bodies of water such as lakes or rivers


(noun) - any of various tall, perennial grasses with flexible, woody stalks, and more specifically from the genus Arundinaria


(noun) - a large artillery gun, often on wheels


(noun) - a small, long and narrow boat used by Native Americans and others to travel on waterways


(noun) - the seat of government, especially of a country or state- also, wealth in the form of money or property owned, used, or accumulated in business


(noun) - the goods, merchandise, or other items that are conveyed in a vessel or boat

Carolina Bay

(noun) - one of a series of oval depressions along the coastal plain, from Georgia to Delaware

Carolina Shag

(noun) - a swing dance that began in South Carolina in the 1940s


(noun) - a term of contempt for a Northern man seeking private gain or political advancement in the Southern United States after the Civil War. The name refers to a cloth bag many of them used for transporting their possessions.

cash crop

(noun) - a crop grown to be sold to other people, not to be used by the people who grew it