A-Z Glossary Terms


(noun) - domesticated bovine animals such as cows, bulls, and steer


(noun) - a hundred years

chamber pot

Chamber pot

(noun) - an item used by the family during the night when they could not make a trip to the outhouse


(noun) - a document issued by an authority conferring rights on a person or set of people. For example, King Charles II gave the Lords Proprietors a charter to allow them to use and rule over specified land in America.


(noun) - a legally recognized member of a country, state, or other place who has obligations to and is entitled to protection by and from the government

city hall

(noun) - the building that houses a city's government

Civil Rights Act of 1964

(noun) - a federal law that prohibits descrimination in a number of settings, including voting, public accommodations, public facilities, public education, federally-assisted programs, and employment

civil rights movement

(noun) - the name for the struggle for equal rights for blacks and other groups

Civil War

(noun) - the war fought between the northern states and the southern states in the 1860


(noun) - the average weather for a particular region