Peggie Lois Hartwell

Color photograph of Peggy Hartwell

Peggy Hartwell. Knowitall.

(1939-)  Peggie grew up on a farm where the women were skilled quiltmakers and the men were practiced the ancient tradition of oral storytelling.  The famlily moved to NY where she worked at various factory jobs after high school until "reconnecting" with art.  She studied dance at the Katherine Dunham School of Dance in New York and toured internationally with the theater group Harlem Rhythm USA ; she returned to the U.S. and graduated with a theater degree at Queens College.  Afterwards, she worked at an insurance company to support her quiltmaking defining the meaning of various fabrics and colors; participating in "quilting communities" such as the Women of Color Quilters Network, Empire Quilters, and the American Quilter's Society.  Her work is mostly autobiographical, drawing upon the continuous exposure to folk-life customs and traditions from her youth.