Military Leaders

Black and white sketch of Richard Anderson with full beard and mustache.

Richard Heron Anderson

Richard Heron Anderson was a General in the Confederate Army during the Civil War

Charles Bolden wearing an orange astronaut suit.

Charles F. Bolden, Jr.

Born in Columbia, SC, Charles F. Bolden, Jr. was the head of the NASA federal agency from July 2009 to January 2017.

Bronze relief portrait of Robert Campbell

Robert Blair Campbell

Born in Marlboro County, Robert Blair Campbell was a U.S. Representative from South Carolina's 3rd district.

William Campbell


Mark Clark in military uniform.

Mark Clark

Mark Wayne Clark was a U.S. Army officer during World War II. He commanded the Allied forces during the successful Italian campaign against the Axis powers. 

Painting of Benjamin Cleveland on horseback

Benjamin Cleveland

Benjamin Cleveland was an officer in the North Carolina militia during the American Revolution and a resident of Oconee County.

Black and white photograph of James Coker

James Lide Coker

Businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist born in Darlington, SC. Coker was educated at the Citadel and Harvard where he studied to better prepare himself for managing agricultural property.

Major David du Bose Gaillard wearing an early 1900 style military uniform.

David du Bose Gaillard

David du Bose Gaillard was a U.S. Army engineer instrumental in the construction of the Panama Canal.

Black and white photo of Martin Witherspoon Gary

Martin Witherspoon Gary

Martin Witherspoon Gary was an attorney, soldier, and politician from South Carolina.

Johnson Hagood wearing a confederate uniform.

Johnson Hagood

Johnson Hagood was a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army and governor of South Carolina from 1880-1882.

Wade Hampton in Confederate uniform.

Wade Hampton III

Wade Hampton III was a Confederate general, governor, United States Senator. He was the governor of South Carolina at the end of Reconstruction when the federal troops left the state in 1877.

Color painting of Peter Horry with his horse

Peter Horry

Planter, solider, legislator

Color painting of Christian Huck

Christian Huck


Black and white sketch of Isaac Huger

Isaac Huger


Black and white print of Richard Hutson in wig.

Richard Hutson

Richard Hutson was a founding father of the United States and a lawyer, judge, and politician from Charleston, SC.

Color portrait of Ralph Izard

Ralph Izard

Diplomat, congressman, legislator, U.S. senator

Andrew Jackson wearing a black and gold uniform with a paint of a white horse and trees in the background.

Andrew Jackson

Born in Lancaster County, South Carolina, Andrew Jackson was the President of the United States from 1829 to 1837.

Statue of William Jasper holding the South Carolina flag.

William Jasper

William Jasper was a noted American soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Black and white photograph of Laurence Keitt

Laurence Massillon Keitt

Civil War Confederate Army Officer, US Congressman

Francis Marion.

Francis Marion

Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion was a strategic fighter against the British during the War of Independence.

William Moultrie wearing a dark coat with a mustard yellow colored waistcoat and collar.

William Moultrie

William Moultrie was a general in the Revolutionary War who had Fort Moultrie built out of Palmetto logs on Sullivan’s Island, in the Charleston Harbor.

A smiling Lloyd Fig Newton wearing a navy blue dress uniform with his four general stars on his shoulders.

Lloyd "Fig" Newton

Lloyd "Fig" Newton was the first African American pilot in the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

The Kirkland Memorial Statue. Image taken by Cowpie21 and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

Richard Rowland Kirkland:

Born in Flatrock township near Camden, Kirkland is remembered as a Civil War hero. Kirkland helped opposing forces during battle by crossing enemy lines and providing water to injured soldiers.

Robert Smalls wearing a dark suit and bow tie.

Robert Smalls

Robert Smalls was a Beaufort slave who hijacked a Confederate steamship, disguised himself as a white captain, and sailed to the Union-controlled enclave in Beaufort–Port Royal–Hilton Head area safety.

Major General Thomas Sumter, engraved from a drawing by W. C. Johnson after the portrait by Charles Willson Peale

Thomas Sumter

Thomas Sumter was a distinguished general in the Revolutionary War who lived in Sumter County.

Sketch of Waddy Thompson

Waddy Thompson

SC House of Representatives, US Congress, US Diplomat to Mexico. Born in Pickens Co., lived in Greenville Co. and Edgefield Co.

William Barret Travis wearing a military uniform with a star on his collar.

William Barret Travis

William Barret Travis was a 19th century American lawyer and soldier.

A smiling Irene Trowell-Harris wearing a green air force jumpsuit next to a white plane.

Irene Trowell-Harris

Irene Trowell-Harris was the first African-American female in the history of the National Guard to be promoted to the rank of Major General.

black and white photograph of Spann Watson dressed in aviation gear

Spann Watson

Lt. Col. Spann Watson was a fighter pilot who served with the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II.

William Childs Westmoreland wearing a military uniform.

William C. Westmoreland

General William C. Westmoreland, born in Spartanburg, led the American troops during a pivotal time in the Vietnam War.