Solomon Blatt

Black and white photograph of Solomon Blatt

A portrait of SC House Speaker Solomon Blatt, Sr., circa 1970s. South Carolina Political Collections at the University of South Carolina.

(1921-2016) Blatt was born in Bamberg County to Nathan and Mollie Blatt. Blatt graduated from the University of South Carolina with a law degree.  Blatt was married to Ethel Green and they had one son.

Blatt’s political career in the S.C. House of Representatives spanned six decades.  Blatt was able to use his influence to support the creation of a comprehensive state highway system and the expansion of the University of South Carolina.  In addition, he was a strong supporter of public education. He supported the establishment of a three percent sales tax for education, the technical education system, and educational television.

At the time of his death he was the longest-serving state legislator in the United States, having served for more than fifty-three years. He is buried in Barnwell.