Maria Martin Bachman

maria martin bachman

(1796-1863) Maria Martin Bachman was a 19th century natural history painter who worked with John Audubon.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky painting

(1938- ) Blue Sky is a contemporary painter and sculptor known for his large murals and public sculptures who lives in Columbia, SC.

Thomas Coram

(1756-1811) Thomas Coram was an 18th century landscape artist who painted the Mulberry Plantation in Berkeley County, SC.

David Drake

Dave Drake's pottery

(about 1801- about 1870s) David Drake lived in Edgefield as a slave and, after the Civil War, as a freed man who made distinctive stoneware pottery, often engraved with short poems or couplets.

Charles Fraser

Charles Fraser

(1782-1860) Charles Fraser was a Charleston painter who created miniature portraits for people to carry with them.

Pearl Fryar

Pearl Fryar

Pearl Fryar is a topiary artist in Bishopville, SC. His garden has over 1,000 ornate art pieces.

Jonathan Green

(1955- ) Jonathan Green is a contemporary African-American painter and printmaker who was born in Gardens Corner, SC.

Archibald Grimkè

Archibald Grimkè

(1849-1930) Born in Charleston, SC, Archibald Grimkè was a lawyer, journalist, community leader, and involved in the early NAACP. The abolitionist Grimkè sisters were his aunts.

Edwin Augustus Harleston

Miss Bailey with the African Shawl by Edwin Augustus Harleston.

(1882-1931) Edwin Augustus Harleston was an African American portrait painter and businessman from Charleston.

Elise Forrest Harleston

(1891-1970) Elise Forrest Harleston was South Carolina’s first African-American female photographer. She worked alongside her husband, Edwin Augustus Harleston.