Betsy Byars

(1928- ) Betsy Byars is an author of children’s books who lives in Seneca, South Carolina. She won a Newbery Medal for her novel, Summer of the Swans.

Mary Boykin Chesnut

Mary Boykin Chesnut

(1823-1886) Born near Statesburg, SC, Mary Boykin Chesnut was married to an aide to Confederate President Jefferson Davis and she kept a famous diary vividly describing events during the Civil War.

Alice Childress

(1920-1994) Born in Charleston, SC, Alice Childress was a playwright who wrote about the struggles of poverty and racism.

Dave Cockrum

Dave Cockrum

(1943-2006) Dave Cockrum was a comic book artist who overhauled the look of the X-Men series and helped popularize the Marvel Comics title. He lived in Belton, SC.

Pat Conroy

(1945-2016) Pat Conroy grew up in Beaufort and attended Beaufort High School and The Citadel. He is a popular novelist who has written many popular books such as The Prince of Tides.

James Dickey

(1923-1997) James Dickey was a professor at the University of South Carolina known for his poetry and novels.

Samuel Henry Dickson

Samuel Henry Dickson

(1798-1872) Born in Charleston, SC, Samuel Henry Dickson was a poet, physician, writer and educator. He was one of the founders of the Medical College of South Carolina (now the Medical University of South Carolina).

James Fooshe

(1844-1940) Born in Abbeville District (now Greenwood County), James Fooshe was a soldier, author, farmer, philosopher, and Methodist churchman.

Dorothea Benton Frank

Dorothea Benton Frank book cover

Dorothea Benton Frank was born and raised on Sullivan’s Island and has written several novels set in the Lowcountry.

Ambrose E. Gonzales

(1857-1926) Ambrose E. Gonzales and his brother, N.G. Gonzales, founded The State newspaper in 1891.