Etu Evans

Color photograph of Etu Evans

Etu Evans. Image from Harlem World Magazine.

(1969- )  Evans was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  Although he was considered learning disabled, Evans worked hard and graduated with a bachelors degree from S.C. State University; a masters degree from Columbia University and an associates degree from he Fashion Institute of Technology.

Evans was fascinated with his grandmother's stylish shoes, jewelry, and hats. He would fix up her old jewelry and do all sorts of things with them, thus the beginnings of an up and coming designer.  While studying shoe design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, he launched a shoe line that became a custom-design business. Evans’ one-of-a-kind offerings soon began attracting celebrities including Tyra Banks and Halle Berry. His boots began selling for more than $2,500 a pair. Evans is known for dramatic designs, such as his cockatoo boot inspired by the exotic bird, and pumps that tie up with faux barbed wire that wind up the leg and past the knee.

Evans founded the Solesville Foundation, which collects, repairs, and redistributes new and used shoes.