South Carolina Glossary

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task system

(noun) - a division of labor on plantations where slaves were assigned a specific amount of work for the day. After this work was completed, they were allowed to use the rest of the day for their own benefit.


A small wooden house with a man, woman,, and four children standing in front of porch

tenant farmer

(noun) - one who resides on and farms land owned by a landlord

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Woven fabric in multiple colors


(noun) - fabric; cloth that is woven or knitted

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bright green leafy plants and dark green trees


(noun) - a plant whose leaves are used to make cigarettes, cigars, and snuff for smoking in pipes

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(noun) - an opponent of independence at the time of the American Revolution


A man point at a document while people look at what he is pointing at


(noun) - travel for recreational, leisure, or business purposes. Also, it is the business of providing services to tourists.

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A grey building with a white gabled roof and an American flag standing in front


(noun) - A unit of territory or administration; town

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vehicles on the road in early morning hours


(noun) - the act of moving something from one location to another

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Man standing in front of a wagon next to a horse

traveling merchant

(noun) - someone who traveled from place to place selling goods that people could not make themselves



(noun) - A betrayal of trust or confidence, usually against one’s country

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A map with blue water ways and white lines


(noun) - a river that flows into another river or larger body of water

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A trolley moves down the middle of the street in a city


(noun) - streetcar; a wheeled vehicle that runs on rails and is propelled by electricity used for local transportation

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People stand over vegetables and a white vehicle

truck farming

(noun) - the growing of vegetable crops for transport to local markets


A small bed with a wood frame shows partially under a larger bed with a colorful quilt

trundle bed

(noun) - a small bed used by young children. When not in use, it was stored under a larger bed.

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