South Carolina Glossary

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Lit up fair rides against a yellow, pink, and purple sunset.


(noun) - an exhibition of agricultural goods, often with rides and other entertainment


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Map of South Carolina with a green, yellow, and magenta lines to represent Cherokee lands, Fall Line, and Backcountry/Lowcountry

fall line

(noun) - the border between the soft rock of the Coastal Plain and the hard rock of the Piedmont region. Often, rivers will have rapids or waterfalls as they cross the fall line.

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A large white building with a large dome roof in the center.


(adjective) - pertaining to the national level of government.


A large yellow and blue boats on the water near the Statue of Liberty


(noun) - a boat designed to carry passengers, goods, or vehicles from one side of a river or stream to another.

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Green and flowering plants surrounding brick patio area


(adjective) - capable of growing abundant crops


A green tractor pulls a white container across a green field


(noun) - a substance, such as a chemical or animal manure, used to provide nutrients to help plants grow.

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Various balls of multicolored threads next to white cotton in a bowl.


(noun) - a long strand of material such as cotton that can be twisted together to form thread or yarn

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Three people put straw on a wagon.


(noun) - a plant grown on farms and plantations that was used for making clothes

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Trees sticking out of water next a gritty shore of dirt and gravel.


(noun) - a low plain beside a river that sometimes floods

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Golden straw shaped into a cone shape.


(noun) - food for animals like cattle, horses, and hogs that was sometimes made from chopped corn stalks and hay

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A man in a yellow safety hat, jacket, khaki pants and red backpack racks the bottom of a tree and fire burns through the underbrush


(noun) - the science of planting and maintaining trees in forests

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A skeletal form imprinted on a light tan rock


(noun) - the remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold or cast in rock

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A older man sitting on wooden steps in a doorway.


(noun) - a person who has been released from slavery

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Map of the United States in pink, gold, and grey.


(noun) - the area near or beyond a boundary.

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A wooden house tucked into two small grassy hills.

fur trade

(noun) - the business of buying and selling animal fur

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