South Carolina Glossary

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Water flowing down rocks


(noun) - a permanent flow of water over a cliff

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A large brown wooden wheel need to a break building


(noun) - a wheel, propelled by running or falling water, used to power machinery

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pale brown clay covers faded wood

wattle and daub

(noun) - a construction of wet clay or sand spread over a weave of branches and twigs to form a wall, barrier, fence, or roof

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A huge white circular cloud covers blue ocean and green land


(noun) - the short term state of the atmosphere at a specific time and place, including the temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, and wind

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Trees growing out of plant filled water


(noun) - land that is covered mostly with water

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A circular hut covered with bark and curved tree sticks


(noun) - a Native American dwelling having an arched framework overlaid with bark, hides, or mats

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Brown deer with white spots lay on a grass field


(noun) - animals living in their natural habitat