South Carolina Glossary

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A dark green forest with the blue mountains in the background.


(noun) - any geological feature such as a mountain or valley

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A green, yellow, and red map of the United States


(noun) - a guide explaining the symbols and color codes on a map or chart


A large white building with a large dome roof in the center.

legislative branch

(noun) - the branch of government that is concerned with the making of laws

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A room in various shades of browns and gold. In the center is a large wooden desk with the American and SC State flag.


(noun) - a governmental body with the power to make, amend and repeal laws.

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A circle with a palmetto tree in a mini circle on the left and a women in another mini circle on the right.

lieutenant governor

(noun) - the second-highest constitutional officer in the state.


A white lighthouse with a green top on top of dark rocks next to the ocean during the sunrise


(noun) - a tower built on the coast that has a bright light on the top of it so ships can see it from a long way away.

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fluffy white material coming out of a dark purplish plant


(noun) - fibrous coat of thick hairs covering the seeds of the cotton plant

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Worn dark wood holds various white, blue, and yellow thread.


(noun) - a frame or machine of wood or other material, in which a weaver forms cloth out of thread

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A man with a double chin in a powdered wig and a dark robe with cooper color accents.

Lords Proprietors

(noun) - eight men were given a grant to colonize the land in North America by King Charles II. Part of this land is now South Carolina.


South Carolina map with Lowcountry counties marked in pink, red, and garnet


(noun) - a geographic and cultural region located along South Carolina's coast



(noun) - People who remained loyal to the British around the time of the American Revolution.

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brownish white logs sitting on dark green grass


(noun) - wood used for building material

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