South Carolina People

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Drawing of Christopher Gadsden

Christopher Gadsden

Christopher Gadsden was a merchant and politician who was the principal leader of the South Carolina Patriot movement during the American Revolution.

James Gadsden wearing 1800s blue and gold naval uniform.

James Gadsden

James Gadsden was the diplomat (known as a minister) to Mexico where he negotiated for the Gadsden Purchase in 1853.

Major David du Bose Gaillard wearing an early 1900 style military uniform.

David du Bose Gaillard

David du Bose Gaillard was a U.S. Army engineer instrumental in the construction of the Panama Canal.

A older man in a navy blue suite with a yellow tie standing in front of a city

Jim Gandy

South Carolina's Weatherman, Jim Gandy, was the Chief Meteorologist for WISTV (1984-1998) and WLTX (1999-2019).

Harvey Gantt wearing a suit and holding papers.

Harvey Gantt

Harvey Gantt was the first African American student to attend Clemson University when he began classes on February 1, 1963.

A white Gardenia flower

Alexander Garden

Alexander Garden was a Scottish-born physician and naturalist who lived for many years in Charleston, South Carolina, collecting and observing flora and fauna of South Carolina. 

Photo of Walter "Hank" Garland Author: Fabry Studio Source: Scanned from booklet Non-free use Rationale: Though this image is subject to copyright, its use is covered by the U.S. fair use laws.

Hank Garland

Walter Louis Garland, known professionally as Hank Garland, was a guitarist and songwriter. 

Kevin Garnett wearing the green and black Boston Celtics basketball uniform.

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett is an accomplished basketball player in the NBA. He has played with the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Boston Celtics.

Black and white photo of Martin Witherspoon Gary

Martin Witherspoon Gary

Martin Witherspoon Gary was an attorney, soldier, and politician from South Carolina.

A woman on a horse and two soldiers next to a tree and horse.

Emily Geiger

Emily Geiger risked her life by serving as a messenger for the Colonial Army during the Revolutionary War.

Robert Gibbes

Robert Wilson Gibbes

Robert Wilson Gibbes was a physician and naturalist who wrote paleontology articles on marine fossils found in South Carolina.

Leeza Gibbons smiling wearing a magenta sweater over black blouse next to a make-up stand.

Leeza Gibbons

Leeza Gibbons is a talk show host of Entertainment Tonight and other Hollywood news shows.

Black and white photograph of William Gibson

William Gibson

Born in Conway, William Gibson is a speculative fiction writer credited with pioneering the science fiction subgenre known as cyberpunk.

A smiling Althea Gibson

Althea Gibson

Althea Gibson was the first African-American player to win Wimbledon and U.S. National tennis championships.

Thomas Gibson wearing a light blue shirt and white undershirt.

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Ellis Gibson is an actor. He is known for his roles in Criminal Minds, Dharma & Greg, and Chicago Hope.

Black and white photograph of Frank Gilbreth, Jr.

Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr.

Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Jr. was a journalist and author. He is best known for co-authoring Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on Their Toes.

A smiling Dizzy Gillespie holding a trumpet and wearing dark glasses and a beret

Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie was a jazz trumpeter, bandleader, singer, and composer.

Color portrait of Caroline Gilman

Caroline Gilman

Carolina Gilman was a writer and founder of The Rose Bud, one of the first juvenile weekly magazines published in the United States.

Dr. Gipson speaking at a microphone

Mack Gipson, Jr.

Dr. Mack Gipson, Jr. was the first African American man to obtain a Ph.D. in Geology.

William Henry Gist wearing a dark coat over a light colored vest.

William Henry Gist

William Henry Gist was the governor of South Carolina from 1858-1860 and a leader of the secession movement.

Gordon Glisson

Gordon Glisson

Gordon Glisson was a Champion Thoroughbred horse racing jockey.

Charlamagne tha God wearing a red t-shirt with a small gold necklace.

Charlamagne tha God

Charlamagne tha God is an actor, author, and television personality. He is best known as the co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Breakfast Club. 

Black and white photograph of Juanita Willmon Goggins smiling

Juanita Willmon Goggins

Juanita Willmon Goggins was the first Black woman to be elected to the SC General Assembly

Ambrose Gonzales wearing a light colored hat.

Ambrose E. Gonzales

Ambrose E. Gonzales and his brother, N.G. Gonzales founded The State newspaper in 1891.

Color photograph of Queen Quet

Queen Quet

Marquetta L. Goodwine, better known as Queen Quet is an author, preservationist, and artist who serves as Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation.

Janie Glymph Goree

Janie Glymph Goree

Janie Glymph Goree was South Carolina's first African American female mayor of Carlisle, SC. 

color photo of Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

U. S. Congressman, lawyer, Major in the Air Force Reserve (Ret.)

AJ Green wearing a white football uniform accented with orange and black. A black 18 outlined in orange is on the front of his uniform.

AJ Green

AJ (Adriel Jeremiah) Green is a football wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. 

Jonathan Green wearing a peach colored shirt.

Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green is a contemporary African-American painter and printmaker who was born in Gardens Corner, SC.

Black and white photograph of Richard Greener

Richard Theodore Greener

Teacher, diplomat

Maxcy Gregg in confederate uniform.

Maxcy Gregg

Maxcy Gregg was a lawyer and later brigadier general in the Confederate States Army.

William Gregg

William Gregg

William Gregg was the founder of the Graniteville Company, an early cotton mill in Aiken County.

Sarah Grimkè wearing a frilly bonnet and checked dress.

Sarah Moore Grimkè

Sarah Moore Grimkè was a prominent abolitionist and is widely held to be the mother of the Women's Suffrage Movement. 

Angelina Grimkè wearing a frilly bonnet and dress with a light collar.

Angelina Grimkè

Angelina Grimkè Weld was an abolitionist, political activist, women's rights advocate, and supporter of the Women's Suffrage Movement. 

Archibald and Francis Grimkè as boys wearing suits for a photo.

Archibald Grimkè

Archibald Grimkè was a lawyer, journalist, community leader, and involved in the early NAACP. Sarah Grimkè and Angelina Grimkè Weld are Archibald's paternal Aunts. 

Painting of John Faucheraud Grimké

John Faucheraud Grimké

Legislator, jurist