South Carolina People

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Black and white photograph of Babcock sitting in front of a typewriter

Havilah Babcock

Havilah Babcock was chair of the English Department at the University of South Carolina for many years and a passionate outdoorsman and famous outdoor writer.

Maria Martin Bachman wearing a white head covering and dark colored dress

Maria Martin Bachman

Maria Martin Bachman was a 19th-century natural history painter who worked with John Audubon. 

Mercer Silas Bailey wearing a dark suit

Mercer Silas Bailey

 M.S. Bailey was a successful businessman in Clinton, SC, who owned two cotton mills and was active in banking and other local businesses.

Buck Baker wearing a light and dark color racing helmet

Buck Baker

Born in Richburg, SC, Elzie Wylie Baker Sr., better known as Buck Baker, was a stock car racer. He was the first driver to win consecutive NASCAR premier series championships. 

Black and white photograph of Baker showing a book to a child.

Augusta Baker

Augusta Baker was a librarian and storyteller known for her contributions to children's literature, especially regarding the portrayal of Black Americans in works for children.

Anna DeCosta Banks in a nurse uniform.

Anna DeCosta Banks

Charleston native, Anna DeCosta Banks, was the first head nurse at the Hospital and Training School for Nurses in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Bernard Baruch wearing a dark bowler hat.

Bernard Baruch

Born in Camden, SC, Bernard Baruch was an economic advisor to presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  

A young Charlotta wearing a light lacy collar sweater and pearl-like earrings

Charlotta Bass

Born in Sumter, SC, Charlotta Bass was a newspaper publisher in Los Angeles, California, and the first African-American woman on a Presidential campaign ticket in a United States presidential election. 

Black and white photograph of Jack Bass

Jack Bass

Jack Bass is an author and journalist.

Statue of Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates

Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates

Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates was an African-American entertainer from Fountain Inn, South Carolina. He was a well-known dancer who performed many times on The Ed Sullivan show.

Color photograph of David Beasley smiling

David Beasley

David Beasley is the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, and he served one term as the 113th Governor of SC from 1995 until 1999.

A Black woman with shoulder length brown hair wearing a lacy white top and delicate jewerly

Linda Bell

Dr. Linda Bell is South Carolina's State Epidemiologist.

Color photograph of Mayor Steve Benjamin

Steve Benjamin

Steve Benjamin was the first African-American and 44th mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, from 2010 to 2022.

Paul Benjamin wearing a dark suit.

Paul Benjamin

Born in Pelion, SC, Paul Benjamin was a film, television, and theater actor whose career spanned over five decades. Best known as "M.L.," Benjamin starred in "Do the Right Thing," "Across 110th Street," and "Escape from Alcatraz." 

Brook Benton in a light colored dress shirt.

Brook Benton

Born in Lugoff, SC, Benjamin Franklin Peay, better known as Brook Benton, was a popular soul singer of the 1960s, with his signature song, "Rainy Night in Georgia."

Ben Bernanke in a black suite with a blue, white, and black striped tie.

Ben Bernanke

Ben Bernanke grew up in Dillon, SC. Bernanke was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve System from 2006-2014.

Cardinal Bernardin wearing gold framed glasses.

Joseph Louis Bernardin

Born in Columbia, SC, Joseph Louis Bernardin was a Cardinal of the Catholic Church who served as archbishop of Chicago from 1982 until 1996.

John Berry sitting on a chair in the middle of the road with a guitar.

John Berry

Born in Aiken, SC, John Edward Berry is a Grammy Award-winning Country Music artist. 

Joseph B. Bethea United Methodist Church.

Joseph Benjamin Bethea

Dillon native Bishop Joseph Benjamin Bethea was the first African-American bishop of the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. 

Portrait of Mary McLeod Bethune, 1949, photographed by Carl Van Vechten.

Mary McLeod Bethune

Mary McLeod Bethune was an educator and civil rights leader who was born in Mayesville, SC.

color photograph of Beau Billingslea smiling

Beau Billingslea

Beau Billingslea is a voice actor best known for voicing Jet Black from the popular anime Cowboy Bebop.

Color photograph of Elise Blackwell holding a copy of her book titled Grub

Elise Blackwell

Elise Blackwell is a novelist and writer.

A young Doc Blanchard in a uniform

Doc Blanchard

Doc Blanchard was best known as the college football player who became the first junior to win the Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award and was the first football player to win the James E. Sullivan Award, all in 1945. 

Black and white photograph of Solomon Blatt

Solomon Blatt

Solomon Blatt was a long-time Democratic legislator of South Carolina from Barnwell County.

Black and white photograph of Coleman L. Blease

Coleman Livingston Blease

Coleman Livingston Blease was the Governor of South Carolina from 1911 to 1915 and US Senator from 1925 to 1931.

Charles Bolden wearing an orange astronaut suit.

Charles F. Bolden, Jr.

Born in Columbia, SC, Charles F. Bolden, Jr. was the head of the NASA federal agency from July 2009 to January 2017.

black and white photograph of Milledge Luke Bonham

Milledge Luke Bonham

Milledge Luke Bonham was the 70th Governor of South Carolina.

James Bonham in a brown coat and white necktie

James Butler Bonham

Born near Red Bank, James Butler Bonham was a soldier who died at the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas Revolution.

A frowning Anne Bonny wearing pirate clothing and pointing a gun.

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was a female pirate who lived in Charleston, SC.

Chadwick Boseman against a baby blue background

Chadwick Boseman

Born in Anderson, SC, Chadwick Aaron Boseman was an actor and playwright. He was known for his leading roles in Black Panther, 42, Get on Up, and Marshall.

An outline drawing of an older man holding a guitar.

Chris Bouchillon

Chris Bouchillon was known as "The Original Talking Blues Man."

Black and white photograph of Harold Boulware.

Harold R. Boulware, Sr.

Harold R. Boulware, Sr., was a lawyer and civil rights pioneer who played a crucial role in Briggs v. Elliot.

Color photograph of Cathy Smith Bowers

Cathy Smith Bowers

Cathy Smith Bowers is a poet and professor at the Queens University of Charlotte.

Color photograph of Crandall Bowles

Crandall Close Bowles


Elderly Laura Bragg sitting in a chair. She wears a white  dress, golden beaded necklace, and broach.

Laura Bragg

Laura Bragg was the first woman director of a major American museum when she became the head of the Charleston Museum in 1920.

Black and white photograph of Benjamin Brawley

Benjamin Griffith Brawley

Benjamin Griffith Brawley was an author and educator from Columbia, SC. Many of his books were considered standard college texts.

Harry and Eliza Briggs Smiling

Eliza and Harry Briggs

Eliza and Harry Briggs were the petitioners in the important school desegregation case, Briggs v. Elliott.

Black and white photograph of Gwen Bristow smiling

Gwen Bristow

Gwen Bristow was an author and journalist from Marion, SC.

Preston Brooks in a dark suit with a with a dark necktie.

Preston Brooks

Born in Roseland, SC (Edgefield County), Preston Brooks was a Democratic congressman from South Carolina who brutally beat Charles Sumner, a Senator from Massachusetts, in the US Senate chamber.

Color photograph of J. Anthony Brown

J. Anthony Brown

Columbia native J. Anthony Brown is a comedian and he is best known for his commentary on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

James Brown singing while shadowed people stand in the background

James Brown

Born in Barnwell, SC, James Joseph Brown was a singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and bandleader.

Edgar A. Brown wearing a dark suit and dark framed glasses holding some papers.

Edgar A. Brown

Born in Aiken County, Edgar Allan Brown was a longtime Democratic legislator of South Carolina from Barnwell County who served South Carolina from 1922-1972.

An older man with a deep receding hairline and pronounced forehead wrinkles.

Morris Brown

Morris Brown was one of the founders of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

Sketch of Lucy Hughes Brown

Lucy Hughes Brown

First black female physician to practice in South Carolina

Color photograph of Melvin Brown

W. Melvin Brown, Jr.


Balck and white photograph of Matthew Bruccoli

Matthew J. Bruccoli

Matthew J. Bruccoli was a professor at the University of South Carolina and the preeminent expert on F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Peabo Bryson in a dark suit with a light dress shirt, and colorful dark and light blue handkerchief.

Peabo Bryson

Greenville native Peabo Bryson is an R&B and Soul Singer-Songwriter. He is known for singing "A Whole New World" from Disney's 1992 animated feature film Aladdin.

Black and white photo of man

Joseph H. Burckhalter, Ph.D.

Professor of medicinal chemistry; scientist, teacher and administrator.

Color photograph of Franklin Burroughs

Franklin Burroughs

Franklin Burroughs is an essayist, environmentalist, and educator.

An older man sitting outside in a black suit jacket.

Orville Vernon Burton

Dr. Orville Vernon Burton is a historian, educator, and author from Ninety-Six, SC.

Color portrait of Pierce Butler

Pierce Mason Butler

Pierce Mason Butler was the 56th Governor of South Carolina.

Pierce Butler in a dark suit coat, white wig, and white necktie.

Pierce Butler

Pierce Butler was a Founding Father of the United States who represented South Carolina at the Continental Congress, the Constitutional Convention, and as a U.S. Senator.

A smiling Betsy Byars wearing a navy blue polka dot dress blouse.

Betsy Byars

Betsy Byars was an author of children’s books who lives in Seneca, South Carolina. She won a Newbery Medal for her novel, Summer of the Swans.

Black and white photograph of Levi Byrd

Levi G. Byrd

Organized a State Conference of NAACP branches

James F. Byrnes wearing a dark suit and patterned tie.

James F. Byrnes

Born in Charleston, SC, James F. Byrnes was a U.S. Secretary of State, Associate Justice U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Senator, and Governor of South Carolina from 1951-1955.