South Carolina People

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A young woman with a small smile.

Gloria Blackwell Rackley

Gloria Blackwell Rackley was a Civil Rights activist and educator. 

Joseph Hayne Rainey sitting in a chair

Joseph Hayne Rainey

Joseph Hayne Rainey was the first African American to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Black and white sketch of David Ramsey

David Ramsay

Physician, legislator, historian

black and white sketch of Benjamin Franklin Randolph

Benjamin Franklin Randolph

Legislator, clergyman

Willie Randolph wearing a black and orange baseball cap with an orange outline bird in the middle.

Willie Randolph

Willie Randolph is a former professional baseball second basement coach and manager.

An older man in a dark and light suit sitting in a chair.

Alonzo Jacob Ransier

Alonzo Jacob Ransier was South Carolina's first Black lieutenant governor.

Color photograph of Ron Rash

Ron Rash

Ron Rash is a poet and novelist from Chester, SC.

Black and white photograph of Beatrice Witte Ravenel

Beatrice Witte Ravenel

Beatrice Witte Ravenel was a poet associated with the Charleston Renaissance in South Carolina.

Portrain of Harriot Ravenel

Harriott Horry Rutledge Ravenel

Novelist, biographer, historian

Betsy Rawls in a light blouse

Betsy Rawls

Elizabeth Earle "Betsy" Rawls is a former LPGA Tour professional golfer.

A black man with bejeweled sunglasses, a thin mustache and a pompadour.


Esquerita was an R&B singer, songwriter, and pianist. He is known for influencing rock and roll pioneer Little Richard.

Front cover of his book

Ennis Rees

Ennis Rees was a poet, children's author, and professor. He was named by Governor Riley as the third South Carolina Poet Laureate from 1984 to 1985.

An older man wear a baby blue suit jacket and hold a brown and white banjo.

Don Reno

Don Reno was a bluegrass and country musician from Spartanburg, SC.

Jean Ribault wearing a blue hat and blue coat with a white collar.

Jean Ribault

Jean Ribault was a French navigator who led an expedition to the New World in 1562 that founded the outpost of Charlesfort on Paris Island.

Jim Rice wearing a red baseball cap.

Jim Rice

Jim Rice is a former Boston Red Sox baseball player, coach, and sports commentator.

John Gardiner Richards wearing a dark suit

John Gardiner Richards, Jr.

John Gardiner Richards, Jr. was the governor of South Carolina from 1926-1931.

Bobby Richardson in a light and dark New York Yankees baseball uniform

Bobby Richardson

Bobby Richardson is a former professional baseball second baseman.

Richard Riley wearing a black suit and burgundy tie

Richard Wilson Riley

Richard Wilson Riley was the governor of South Carolina from 1979-1987.

Black and white photograph of Katharine Ripley holding a black dog

Katharine Ball Ripley

Between 1923 and 1953 the couple published ten books—including novels and memoirs—and dozens of short stories and nonfiction pieces.

color photograph of Leon Rippy

Leon Rippy

Leon Rippy is an actor best known for his roles as Earl the Angel on the series Saving Grace, saloon owner Tom Nuttall on the series Deadwood, and John Billings in The Patriot.

Henry Martyn Robert in Military dress uniform.

Henry Martyn Robert

Henry Martyn Robert is the author of Robert’s Rules of Order, the most widely used manual of parliamentary procedure.

A man and a young boy.

Richard Samuel Roberts

Richard Samuel Roberts was one of South Carolina's most famous photographers in the 1920s and 1930s. Many of his photographs captured the life of African-Americans living in the South.

A smiling Julie Roberts.

Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts is a popular country music singer.

A middle aged man sitting at a desk with microphones.

Eugene Harold Robinson

Eugene Harold Robinson is a newspaper columnist and an associate editor of The Washington Post.

Black and white photograph of Bernice Robinson

Bernice Robinson

Educator, civil rights activist

Chris Rock wearing a black shirt

Chris Rock

Chris Rock is a well-known comedian, actor, screenwriter, television and film producer, and director.

George Rogers in a red and white football uniform holding a football.

George Rogers

George Rogers won the Heisman Trophy in 1980 while playing for the University of South Carolina.

Photo of Frances Rollin Whipper

Rollin Sisters

Born to an aristocratic free Black family in Charleston, the Sisters were noted for their influence and political savvy in Reconstruction politics.

Al Rosen wearing a Cleveland Indians baseball uniform and dark baseball cap.

Al Rosen

Al Rosen was a Major League Baseball player in the 1940s and 1950s, and was the president of several teams in his career.

The Kirkland Memorial Statue. Image taken by Cowpie21 and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

Richard Rowland Kirkland:

Born in Flatrock township near Camden, Kirkland is remembered as a Civil War hero. Kirkland helped opposing forces during battle by crossing enemy lines and providing water to injured soldiers.

Color photograph of Louis D. Rubin, Jr.

Louis D. Rubin, Jr.

Louis D. Rubin’s distinguished career as a teacher, scholar, editor, and novelist has brought him numerous awards and honors, including honorary degrees from the University of Richmond, the College of Charleston, and Clemson University.

Darius Rucker wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans. He holds a brown guitar as he performs a song.

Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker is a musician and lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Hootie & the Blowfish.

black and white photograph of Edwin Russell

Edwin Roberts Russell

Dr. Edwin Roberts Russell was a chemist who worked on the Manhattan Project at the University of Chicago's Metallurgical Laboratory.

Black and white photo of Donald Russell smiling and posing in front of law books

Donald Stuart Russell

Army Major, Lawyer, University of South Carolina President, SC Governor, US Senator, Assistant US Secretary of State, US District Judge, US Circuit Judge

John Rutledge wearing a black dress coat and a powdered wig.

John Rutledge

John Rutledge was a signer of the US constitution and the first governor of South Carolina following the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Archibald Rutledge wearing a burgundy coat over a light brown vest and burgundy tie. He sits on a wooden bench near trees.

Archibald Rutledge

Archibald Rutledge was a famous naturalist writer who was also the first poet laureate of South Carolina.

Edward Rutledge wearing a powdered wig.

Edward Rutledge

Edward Rutledge was the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence and later governor of South Carolina from 1798-1800.