South Carolina People

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Anna Heyward Taylor

Anna Heyward Taylor

Anna Heyward Taylor was an artist active in the Charleston Renaissance who became well-known for her woodblock prints.

side portrait of John Taylor

John Taylor

John Taylor was the 51st Governor of South Carolina.

Black and white photo of Susie Taylor

Susie King Taylor

Nurse, teacher

Oil portrait of Colonel Barnard Elliott, Jr. by Jeremiah Theus, circa 1776.

Jeremiah Theus

Jeremiah Theus was a painter from Switzerland who came to Charleston and became a well-established portrait artist, painting many people from Charleston society families.

Sketch of Waddy Thompson

Waddy Thompson

SC House of Representatives, US Congress, US Diplomat to Mexico. Born in Pickens Co., lived in Greenville Co. and Edgefield Co.

black and white photograph of Hugh Thompson

Hugh Smith Thompson

Hugh Smith Thompson was the 81st Governor of South Carolina.

Color photograph of Melanie Thornton

Melanie Thornton

Melanie Thornton was the lead singer o the Eurodance group La Bouche. The group is known for their singles, "Sweet Dreams" and "Be My Lover."

Strom Thurmond

Strom Thurmond

Strom Thurmond was a governor of South Carolina from 1947-1951 and the oldest and 2nd longest-serving U.S. Senator.

Benjamin Tillman with one eye closed.

Benjamin Ryan Tillman

Benjamin Ryan Tillman was the governor of South Carolina from 1890-1894 who founded what is now Clemson University.

Black and white photo of George Timmerman, Jr.

George Bell Timmerman

George Bell Timmerman was the 105th Governor of South Carolina.

Elizabeth Timothy wearing a lacy veil, a black choker, and mauve colored dress.

Elizabeth Timothy

Elizabeth Timothy was America’s first female newspaper editor.

Henry Timrod in a dark suit

Henry Timrod

Henry Timrod was a poet, sometimes called the poet laureate of the Confederacy.

Aaron Tippin in a red turtleneck shirt.

Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin is a country music artist and record producer who was raised in Traveler’s Rest, SC.

An older woman holding a pen and wearing a black judge robe.

Jean Hoefer Toal

Jean Toal was the first woman to serve as Chief Justice of the SC Supreme Court.

A middle aged woman with hair styled in a bun.

Laura Matilda Towne

Laura Matilda Towne was an abolitionist and educator known for forming the Penn School.

Black and white photograph of Charles Townes

Charles Hard Townes

Charles Hard Townes was a physicist who won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1964.

William Barret Travis wearing a military uniform with a star on his collar.

William Barret Travis

William Barret Travis was a 19th century American lawyer and soldier.

Black and white photograph of Dr. Treadwell

Henrie Monteith Treadwell

Civil rights activist; public health expert and advocate; First Black graduate and Black woman graduate from the University of South Carolina since Reconstruction

A smiling Irene Trowell-Harris wearing a green air force jumpsuit next to a white plane.

Irene Trowell-Harris

Irene Trowell-Harris was the first African-American female in the history of the National Guard to be promoted to the rank of Major General.

A smiling Josh Turner holding a guitar and singing into a microphone.

Josh Turner

Josh Turner is a contemporary country music artist.

Black and white photo of Henry Turner

Henry McNeal Turner

Black Nationalist, repatriationist, and minister

Smiling Leo Twiggs next to one of his colorful paintings

Leo Twiggs

Leo Twiggs developed the Fine Art Department at South Carolina State University.